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This is portable KD112 2500W power generator made by Kraft&Dele.


It is designed to create a power of 220-230V/50Hz powered by 4 stroke engine. This medium power generator is perfect for camping, caravanning, car boot sales, and in any situation where mains power is not available or is very limited. It is lightweight and ideal for running a lighting, using power tools, watching tv, listening to Hi-Fi, powering internet, etc.


The KD118 power generator is made of high quality components, and like other Kraft&Dele Germania tools is durable and conforms the highest UK & European quality and environmental standards (TUV, CE, GS).


The power generators engine is Japanese construction OHV equipped with chromed piston, therefore it works silently and is very stable, at the same time it is economic and uses only 1.1l per hour! The rubber stands allay vibrations and minimise noise.


On the top of this the power generator is equipped in a smart throttle technology. The Built-in microprocessor controls engine speed according to load, this technology extends the life of the engine and reduces the amount of fuel usage.


There is no better choice if you go on camping or building site.


More information, please have a look to the right hand side.

KD118 Kraft&Dele Germania Power generator 2500W

£289.99 Regular Price
£269.99Sale Price
    • Rated Voltage: 220-230V
    • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
    • Type: Single Phase
    • Rated Output: 2200W
    • Maximum Output: 2500W/4.8kVa
    • Socket: 3 x 230V 13Amp EU DC (UK adapter will be provided), 1x12V
    • Dimensions: 340 x 290 x 290mm
    • Mounting: Frame
    • Weight: 39kg
    • Components: stainless steel, aluminium, syntethic materials




    • Engine type: 4 stroke petrol 2500W (with chromed piston) air cooled
    • Power: 6.5HP/4.8kW
    • Fuel type: 95/98 lead free petrol
    • Fuel usage: 1.1l/h
    • Fuel tank capacity: 15.0l
    • Ignition system: Manual
    • Operating time at rated: 12-13h
    • Noise level: 70db
    • Overload protection: yes
    • Antishock protection: yes
    • Fuel level indicator: yes
    • Voltmeter: yes
    • Battery charging 12V: yes 8.3A
    • Smart throttle technology allowing to control engine speed changes
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