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Kraft & Dele Germania KD823 180/200Amp MIG/MAG, welding machine.

Range of modern welding inverters KRAFT & DELE GERMANIA made in the latest technology. The product is quite light, compact and perfect for use in both households and industry. It is characterized by high efficiency and proficiency - in a constant processing of large tasks at 60%. A big advantage of this product it is the ease to ignite an arc, a perfect forming of the welding seam, a small size and the fact that it is user-friendly.


Some key features:


IGBT Technology - bipolar transistor with isolated gate (It connects the benefits of two types of transistors: a easy to navigate trait of field-effect transistor and high voltage andspeed of toggle of the bipolar transistors)

- Smooth regulation of the welding current.

- Reduction of vibrations during constant welding.

- Inverter technology

- Possibility to work with a power generator

- The product is equipped with thermostat and cooling fan

- It is easy to ignite an arc,

- Function of welding round and smooth surfaces

- Stable working, automatic compensation of voltage

- Manual regulation of the welding currency

- Integration of feeder of the wire, gas cylinder and the welding torch

The KRAFT&DELE GERMANY brand has been on the German market for over 30 years, and is becoming more popular in Europe. Products from KRAFT & DELE are of a very good quality, they're reliabile, and affordable for avarage customer. KRAFT & DELE welders are made with the same components and in the same factories as one of the leading welding machines and brand-name manufacturers of welding which proves their high quality and reliability. Our company guarantees the quality of the welding machine!

KD823 200A Kraft&Dele Germania MIG/MAG KDMMI180 welder

£339.99 Regular Price
£319.99Sale Price
    • Model: KD823
    • Power supply: 220V/50HZ
    • Welding current: 50 - 200 A
    • Security system: IP21S
    • Power: 5.2 KVA
    • Duty cycle: 60%
    • Weight: 18 KG
    • The possibility of using wire 0.6 - 1.00mm
    • The high quality of the weld
    • It supports spools of wire to 5kg
    • Equipped with thermal protection and fan
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