The transformer welder KD820 is a reliable tool designed for manual arc welding,

with coated electrodes. It is indispensible solution for both choreman,

workshops or small companies. The high efficiency of the transformer guarantee a permanent

electric arc. The possibility of smooth regulation of the welding currency gives even the

beginners the possibility of optimal welding working. A transformer welding is equipped with

wheels which allows easy and efficient transport of the product.

The KRAFT&DELE GERMANY brand has been on the German market for over 30 years, and is becoming more popular in Europe. Products from KRAFT & DELE are of a very good quality, they're reliabile, and affordable for avarage customer. KRAFT & DELE welders are made with the same components and in the same factories as one of the leading welding machines and brand-name manufacturers of welding which proves their high quality and reliability. Our company guarantees the quality of the welding machine!

Kraft&Dele KD820 330Amp ARC Welding Machine

£149.99 Regular Price
£139.99Sale Price
  • DC 230Amp Inverter KD820

    Power supply: 230/400V

    Welding current: 70 - 330A

    Security system: IP21S

    Power: 15.8 KVA

    Weight: 23 KG