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Welding machine KD842 is a product manufactured by Kraft & Dele Germania. It is a trouble-free, mobile inverter welding DC MIG inverter 250 A/ 400V - designed to weld all types of alloy and carbon steel, colored metals and alloys with shielding gases: CO2, Ar and He. Caution: The welding torch allows for non-fusion welding with the use of copper wire CuSi. Inverter welding torches are much lighter, compared to the traditional welding torches. At the same time, they have a high production and welding is much easier, thanks to the use of inverter technology.

The KRAFT&DELE GERMANY brand has been on the German market for over 30 years, and is becoming more popular in Europe. Products from KRAFT & DELE are of a very good quality, they're reliabile, and affordable for avarage customer. KRAFT & DELE welders are made with the same components and in the same factories as one of the leading welding machines and brand-name manufacturers of welding which proves their high quality and reliability. Our company guarantees the quality of the welding machine!

Kraft&Dele KD842 250Amp MIG MAG FLUX Welding Machine

  • DC 250Amp Inverter 250A KD842

    Power supply: 380V

    Welding current: 50 - 250A

    Security system: IP21S

    Power: 8.4 KVA

    Duty cycle: 60% - 250A

    Weight: 33 KG

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