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Sherman DIGTIG 200 AC/DC Multipro Welder Inverter 200A + Foot Pedal controller

This very powerful welding rectifier was built with a use of IGBT technology, for manual welding DC and AC TIG and electrode welding ( MMA method ), structural steel , and quality aluminum. It is recommended for commercial and craft workshops.


The machine is the latest generation of equipment intended for professional use. It is made in IGBT technology and equipped with a digital control. Is used for manual welding TIG HF and TIG Lift steels and non-ferrous metal DC and AC. The device provides the option of welding MMA (coated electrode).The device provides full digital regulation and control of the arc welding parameters and pulse as well as the choice of AC waveform.


It has a HF-voltage ignition, ARC FORCE switch 2T / 4T and display for the welding current and sets the memory. Welder has a memory of the last setting, ie after switching off and then return to the last set parameters. There is also the possibility of memmorizing 20 sets of parameter settings and pulse welding current. Complete with TIG welding torch, wire electrode and ground cable.


The welder is recommended for welding professionals.


We offer 2 years manufacturer's warranty service for end customers and 1 year for businesses. The warranty covers internal parts like circuit board for example, it doesn't cover welders cover, dial, knobs, plastic feet, as well as any external accessories like TIG torch, it's components and consumables, ground wire with clamp etc. The manufacturer's warranty covers repair only, the shipping costs and any further costs that might appear due to shipping the device to EU and from EU back to the UK like customs duties, and any taxes are on buyers shoulders. We offer help in obtaining spare internal parts (like circuit board) from the manufacturer as a free replacements during the warranty period. When the warranty expires we offer spare parts at very decent prices.

Sherman DIGITIG 200 AC/DC Multipro Welder Inverter + Foot Pedal controller

SKU: 7811876 + 7812053
£749.99 Regular Price
£709.99Sale Price
    • AC/DC smooth balance
    • Slope up and down
    • Pre/post flow time gas regulation
    • MMA
    • HF
    • 2T/4T
    • Rising/falling current
    • AC frequency regulation
    • LED display
    • Full digital control of welding settings
    • 20 welding settings to memmorize
    • Electrode cleaning function
    • VRD
    • Hot Start
    • Arc Force
    • Anti Stick
    • Pulse
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