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This semi-automatic 200 Amp MIG semi auto welder designed for manual welding of steel and non-ferrous metals MMA (coated electrode) and MIG / MAG gas-shielded or self-shielded wire without shielding gas. It can be used also for braze welding of thin (3mm) galvanized.


We offer 2 years manufacturer's warranty service for end customers and 1 year for businesses. The warranty covers internal parts like circuit board for example, it doesn't cover welders cover, dial, knobs, plastic feet, as well as any external accessories like a torch, it's components and consumables, ground wire with clamp etc. The manufacturer's warranty covers repair only, the shipping costs and any further costs that might appear due to shipping the device to EU and from EU back to the UK like customs duties, and any taxes are on buyers shoulders. We offer help in obtaining spare internal parts (like circuit board) from the manufacturer as a free replacements during the warranty period. When the warranty expires we offer spare parts at very decent prices.

Sherman MIG200M Inverter 200Amp MMA Brazing + Spool Gun

£549.99 Regular Price
£519.99Sale Price
  • Supply voltage [V]: 230 AC 50Hz

    Welding methods: MIG, MMA, brazing

    The technology: MOSFET

    Welding current [A]: 200

    Duty cycle [%]: 60

    Max. current consumption [A]: 37.4

    Max. power consumption [KVA]: 8.8

    Adjust welding current: Smooth

    Avg. a spool of wire [mm]: 200

    Of speed. Wire feed [m / min]: 1.5 - 19

    Weight [kg]: 21

    Dimensions (D x W x H) [mm]: 500 x 260 x 540

    Functions: Arc Force, adjustment inductance welding without gas, Tray 2-roll option Spool Gun

    • Sherman MIG 200
    • Welding Gun TW-15/3m
    • Spool Gun
    • Wire electrode
    • Earth clamp
    • Welding shield
    • Hammer brush
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