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Sherman TIG DIGITIG 230P AC/DC Welder Inverter 200A 230V MMA

This professional welder was built in IGBT technology, for manual welding AC TIG (aluminium, alloys), DC TIG (brass, copper, all coloured metals), electrode welding - MMA method (structural, construction, black, low carbon steel ). It is recommended for commercial and craft workshop.


The use of technology PWM (pulse width modulation) and IGBTs (bipolar transistors with insulated gate) led to a significant reduction in weight and size of the equipment.


The Digitec line is the most technologically advanced group of welding machined made by Sherman. It was created to provide unique solutions for professional welders. The digital control over welding processes, and machines technical parameters comparable with the world class welding manufacturers should meet professionals highest expectations.


The welder enables full digital regulation, and control for arc welding characteristics and pulse. In the broad range it is applicable to the work in manufacturing and services.


The device has a contact-less ionizing voltage ignition, display for welding current, and many more functions you can see on the right hand side.

Sherman TIG DIGITIG 330P AC/DC 315A welder

£989.99 Regular Price
£909.99Sale Price
    • Full digital control
    • Hot start
    • Anti stick
    • Arc force
    • HF
    • MMA
    • 2T/4T
    • Current ramp
    • Pulse
    • Pre flow gas
    • Post flow gas
    • Electrode cleaning system
    • LED display