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The cylinder contains 8L / 1.8 m3 of high-quality Argon gas with pressure of 150~180 bar. This allows to fill about 30% more Argon than other cylinders with a working pressure of 150 bar. Protective cap protects the valve from damage during transport or storage.


The cylinder and valve are made ​​in accordance with EN 1964: 1999 and have the π compliance with the requirements of ADR / RID.

Argon Gas Full Cylinder

£149.99 Regular Price
£139.99Sale Price
    • Capacity: 8L/1.8m3
    • Maximum operating pressure: 150~180 Bar
    • Dimensions: 136ø x 750mm
    • Weight: 14 kg
    • Thread on the cylinder is european standard: W21.8 x 1/14
  • While most of our products are stored in our UK warehouse, it might happen that some of our products are not in stock. If our product is temporarily unavailable, it will be shipped from the main warehouse based in Europe. The shipping time and cost remain the same as in the UK.

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