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Agrosar 360 SL is a herbicidal preparation for foliar application. It has a systemic effect. It fights couch grass and other monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous (annual and perennial) weeds.


Application of the agent:


  • Before harvesting crops to control weeds and facilitate harvesting.
  • For stubble - after the harvest of the cultivated plants, before post-harvest cultivation begins to control couch grass and other weeds.
  • Apple tree, gardens, plots of land, areas around the house, along building foundations, fences and other types of fences, around trees and clumps of flowers, under hedges and shrubs, between slabs and pavement.
  • In the bypass and access roads there are gooseberries, chokeberry, black currant, red currant, white currant, pear, peach, cherry, apricot, plum, cherry.
  • Nurseries - seedlings of coniferous and deciduous trees, renewals, afforestation, Scots pine, forest species of deciduous trees.


Active substances content:

Glyphosate in the form of isopropylammonium salt - a compound from the group of phosphonic acid derivatives - 360 g / l (36.0% w / w).

Expiration date: 2 years from the production date.


Agrosar 360 SL is a foliar herbicide with a systemic effect. It is collected through the green parts of plants (leaves, green shoots and non-lignified bark), and then travels throughout the plant and reaches its underground parts (roots, stolons, etc.), causing them to die off.


  • The first symptoms of the product's action (yellowing and wilting) are visible 7-10 days after the treatment.
  • Complete plant dieback occurs after 2-3 weeks.


High temperature and air humidity as well as strong sunlight accelerate the action of the agent.




  • Highly effective.
  • Quick action of the preparation.
  • The best way to fight weed infestation.
  • It destroys all annual species of weeds and perennial weeds, including the very troublesome - couch grass.
  • Effective liquidation of fallow and fallow land.
  • Ease and wide range of use.


What weeds does it work for?

Weeds sensitive: plantain, plantain, fine geranium, red geranium, mugwort, cornflower, one-sided weed, celandine celandine, field mustard, starworm, spire, ranunculus, jasmine purple, white quinoa, common clover, yarrow common, odorless moray, dandelion, dandelion, goldenrod, thistle, deaf oat, common grasshopper, couch grass, umbilical cord, ground elder, common nettle, bindweed, Persian speedwell, three-leaf speedboat, Canadian adjective, clinging hugger knotweed, knotweed, common chamomile, phlebotomus, rough amaranth, field sorrel, common sorrel, sorrel, yellow sorrel, common steak, bundles of field, annual panacea, green trichinella, bird vetch, narrow-leaved vetch.


Attention! Plant protection products should be used safely. Before each use, read the information on the label and information about the product.


The Buyer declares that he meets the conditions specified in Art. 25 (3) pt 5 of the Act of 8 March 2013 on plant protection products and has training in the use of plant protection products in the case of products for professional users. Before each use, read the information provided on the label and product information. Pay attention to the specific risk indications. Observe the safety precautions contained in the label. Plant protection products can only be purchased by adults and people who have completed training and have the qualifications required for people purchasing plant protection products (Article 28 of the Act on plant protection products of March 8, 2013, as amended). Plant protection products should be used in such a way as not to pose a threat to human health, animals and the environment. Buyers of plant protection products must be sober. By using the offer, you declare that you meet the above-mentioned conditions.

Agrosar 360 SL 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L Weed Killer

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