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The cutter CUTTER 90 belongs to a new series of devices made ​​at 200kHz IGBT technology used for air plasma cutting sheet metal and steel parts, aluminium and copper. The equipment is especially recommended for professionals in plants with high use of cutting processes. It can be used indoors or covered, not directly exposed to atmospheric influences.

The device is equipped in a handle 6m standard Trafimet of ionization ignition HF pilot arc and built-in air treatment unit with pressure regulator and pressure gauge to regulate and control air pressure from the control panel. It is equipped with a switch 2T / 4T and TEST function for checking and cleaning the air system.

Sherman Plasma Cutter 90

£699.99 Regular Price
£639.99Sale Price
  • Catalog number SINW-CUTTER90
    Supply voltage [V] 3x400 AC 50Hz
    The technology IGBT
    Cutting current [A] 85
    Duty cycle [%] 60
    Max. thickness [mm] thirty
    Max. current consumption [A] 18.7
    Max. power consumption [KVA] 7.5
    Air flow rate [m 3 / min] 0.35
    The method of ignition HF
    Weight [kg] 29
    Dimensions (D x W x H) [mm] 635 x 455 x 515
    Functions HF 2T / 4T, Arch pilot, TEST
    • Sherman Profi Plasma Cutter 90k
    • Cutting plasma handle A-81/6m
    • Ground cable
    • User manual in Polish language (English version on request)
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