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Kraft & Dele Germania KD830 200Amp MIG/MAG/FLUX, welding machine.
Range of modern welding inverters KRAFT & DELE GERMANIA made in the latest technology. The Welder KRAFT & DELE KD826 is designed for MIG (200A) / MAG (200) and FLUX to work with all kinds of alloy steel, low carbon, acid proof, and stainless steel. Welder is very reliable, strong and very well perform the weld which makes it particularly suitable for all welding work. German precision and perfect quality speaks for itself.


Some key features:


- The KD830 works on IGBT technology -advanced bipolar transistor with isolated gate (It connects the benefits oftwo types of transistors: a easy to navigate trait of field

- Effect transistor and high voltage andspeed of toggle of the bipolar transistors)

- Smooth regulation of the welding current

- The electrical control system keeps a constantlevel of the input current

- Reduction of vibration during constant welding

- Inverter technology (it lowers the weight and size of the welding torch)

- It is ease to make the torch to glow, smaller spray

- Function of welding round and smooth surfaces

- Stable working, automatic compensation of voltage

- Manual regulation of the welding currency

- Integration of the feeder of the wire, gas cylinder and the welding torch

The KRAFT&DELE GERMANY brand has been on the German market for over 30 years, and is becoming more popular in Europe. Products from KRAFT & DELE are of a very good quality, they're reliabile, and affordable for avarage customer. KRAFT & DELE welders are made with the same components and in the same factories as one of the leading welding machines and brand-name manufacturers of welding which proves their high quality and reliability. Our company guarantees the quality of the welding machine!

KD830 200A Kraft&Dele MIG/MAG Flux welder

£199.99 Regular Price
£179.99Sale Price
    •  Welding Hydraulics 380 / 400V
    • 4 way adjustable welding current
    • Smooth 12-way adjustable wire
    • The possibility of using wire 0.8 / 1.0 and 0.6
    • The high quality of the weld
    • It supports spools of wire to 5kg
    • Equipped with thermal protection and fan
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