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SPOOL GUN torch M- 15/SB-8 with built-in wire feeder is used for MIG / MAG welding. It is designed for MIG welding Sherman 200M, and any other welding device fitted with Euro socket. It is used mainly in garages and welding of thin sheet metal . Spool of welding wire is placed in the handle of the gun . The handle has a standard connection type EURO and switch.

Mig Welding Spool On Gun Sherman M-15 SB-8 Euro connector

£99.99 Regular Price
£89.99Sale Price
  • The current carrying capacity in the cycle X 35 [A] 130
    Range of wire diameters of electrode [mm] 0.6 - 1.0
    Range of wire feed speed [m / min] 1 - 13
    Avg. a spool of wire [mm] 100
    Type of cooling shielding gas
    The flow rate of the protective gas [l / min] 10 - 18
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