Sherman DIGIARC 200 Pulse IGBT Arc welder with case.


The Sherman welder DIGIARC 200 PULSE is made in IGBT technology is used for manual welding with direct current of steel, cast iron and colored metals with covered electrodes (MMA method). The welder is equipped with a welding current pulsation enabling high quality welds, especially when welding stainless steels. By using the no-load voltage control function, the device allows welding with all types of electrodes, regardless of the type of coating.


The welder is equipped with automatic HOT START, ANTI STICK and ARC FORCE functions as well as a VRD function with the option of turning it off. It is also possible to weld using the TIG Lift method with the arc striking by rubbing (after using an additional torch).


The device is used in closed or roofed rooms, not exposed to direct weather conditions.


The set includes an electrode cable, ground cable and a practical shoulder strap for easy transport of the device.


The device is covered by 12 month warranty for businesses and 24 months for end customers.

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Sherman DIGIARC 200 Pulse welder inverter

SKU: 7812032
£229.99 Regular Price
£209.99Sale Price
    • Catalog number:  7812032
    • Supply voltage [V]:  50Hz AC 230
    • Welding methods:  MMA, TIG LIFT
    • Technology of:   IGBT
    • Welding current [A]:  200
    • Duty Cycle [%]:   60
    • State voltage without Load. [V]:   40 - 80 (9 with VRD)
    • Max. current consumption [A]:   43.4
    • Max. power consumption [KVA]:   6.4
    • Adjust the welding current:   Smooth
    • Mass [kg]:  6
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]:  375 x 150 x 255
    • Functions:   Hot Start, Anti-Stick, Arc Force, Pulse, VRD, digital steering
    • Sherman DIGIARC 200 Pulse welder
    • Earth clamp
    • Wire electrode
    • Warranty card
    • User manual in Polish (please ask for English version)

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