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The DIGIMIG 200 Synergy Double Pulse welder is an innovative device for manual welding of steel and nonferrous metals using MIG / MAG, MMA (coated electrode) and TIG LIFT methods. The device is addressed to professionals who value high quality and reliability. It can also be used for brazing of thin (up to 3 mm) galvanized sheets. The welder allows the connection of a Spool Gun (SG).


Digital control allows full adjustment of parameters, arc dynamics, characteristics and manual or synergic mode of operation in the MIG / MAG method. The use of synergic settings in the welder for ordinary steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys significantly simplifies its operation and allows it to be used by people with less experience and hobbyists. The use of pulse or double pulse allows for better weld quality, high aesthetics and very high performance.


The device can be welded using the standard MMA or MMA method with pulsation, which allows for higher quality welds. In MMA you can adjust ARC FORCE, HOT START and turn on VRD.


DIGIMIG 200 Pulse enables TIG welding with DC pulsation together with pulse characteristics adjustment. The welder allows the use of several modes of operation including the option of spot welding. The device has the memory of the last setting, i.e. after turning it off and on again, the last set parameters are restored. It is also possible to save 35 sets of settings with easy access to the program recording / playback mode. On the inside of the spool chamber cover there is a quick guide for the welder that facilitates the current operation of the device with a detailed description of access to adjustable operating parameters.


The welding machine is equipped with a unique MIG torch with a knob on the handle enabling remote adjustment of welding voltage / current during synergic operation.


The set also includes a ground wire, electrode cable and aluminum welding roller.

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Sherman DIGIMIG 200 Synergy Double Pulse MIG Welder Inverter

£559.99 Regular Price
£519.99Sale Price
    • Supply voltage [V]: 230 AC 50Hz
    • Welding methods: MIG, MMA, TIG LIFT, Brazing
    • Technology: IGBT
    • Welding current [A]: MIG 200, MMA 200, TIG 200
    • Duty cycle [%]: 60
    • Max. current consumption [A]: 26.5 (MIG) / 33..7 (MMA) / 21.5 (TIG)
    • Max. power consumption [KVA]: 7.7
    • Adjust welding current: Smooth
    • Avg. a spool of wire [mm]: 100, 200
    • Of speed. Wire feed [m / min]: 2-14
    • Weight [kg]: 12
    • Dimensions (D x W x H) [mm]: 495 x 210 x 345