The Synergic welder Sherman DIGIMIG 200GD is used for manual welding of steel and non-ferrous metals. The device is aimed at professionals who want quality and reliability. Allows MIG / MAG, MMA (coated electrode) and Lift TIG. It can also be used to braze thin (3mm) galvanized sheets. By changing the polarization unit can be welded by MIG / MAG welding with the use of standard wire in the protective gases and the self-shielded flux cored wires.


The welder allows connection of the handle Spool-type gun (SG) which is mounted at the mini wire feed reel and D100 steel wire or colored metals, so that welding can be two different wires without the need for retooling the machine. Digital control allows full control of the parameters, dynamic arc characteristics and mode welder. Used in the welding machine settings synergistic greatly simplify its operation and allow for use by people with less experience and hobbyists.The device has a memory of the last setting, ie after switching off and then return to the last set parameters and can store 30 sets of settings (10 for each welding method).


The device is IGBT allowing a considerable reduction in the weight and dimensions of the welding device and an increase in efficiency while reducing power consumption. Welding is used in closed or covered, if directly exposed to weathering. Complete with MIG welding torch and ground cable.

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Sherman DIGIMIG 200GD MIG MAG MMA Synergic 200A

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    • Supply voltage: 230V 50/60Hz, 1phase
    • Welding methods: MIG, Tig Lift, MMA, Brazing
    • Technology: IGBT
    • Welding current: max. 200A
    • Duty cycle: 30%
    • Max. current consumption: 35.7A(MIG), 41.7A(MMA). 26.8(TIG)
    • Max. power consumption [KVA]: 5.7
    • Adjust welding current: Smooth
    • Avg. a spool of wire [mm]: 200
    • Of speed. Wire feed [m / min]: 6 - 10
    • Weight [kg]: 13
    • Dimensions (D x W x H) [mm]: 440 x 205 x 375
    • Functions: Digital Control, Arc Force, 2T/4T, dropping current, pulse, 2 spools tray, VRD, memory settings

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