Sherman DIGITIG 200 AC / DC MULTIPULSE inverter welder


The DIGITIG 200 AC / DC MULTIPULSE welding machine is a device of the latest generation, made in IGBT technology and equipped with digital control. It is used for manual TIG welding of steel and non-ferrous metals with direct and alternating current. It also has the option of MMA welding (with a coated electrode).


The device enables full digital regulation and control of the welding parameters of the arc and pulse characteristics as well as the choice of the AC waveform. It has HF ignition, the ability to control in two-stroke and four-stroke modes and spot welding. It is also possible to save 20 sets of pulse and welding current parameter settings. During MMA welding, it is possible to adjust the ARC FORCE and HOT START functions.


The set includes a TIG welding torch with adjustable welding current in the handle, an electrode cable and a return cable.

Sherman DIGITIG 200 AC/DC Multipulse Welder Inverter

SKU: 7812422
£719.99 Regular Price
£689.99Sale Price
    • Digital control
    • HF
    • Arc Force
    • Hot Start
    • 2T / 4T
    • Ramp current
    • Pulse
    • Gas pre and post flow time adjustment
    • Electrode cleaning function
    • AC welding, Preset memory
    • Spot welding

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