Sherman MIG 180FL IGBT welder

This is a Semi-automatic MIG welder 180FL which is used for manual welding of steel and non-ferrous metals. 
It is designed for amateur and odd jobs. Allows MIG / MAG and MMA (coated electrode). By changing the polarization unit can be welded by MIG / MAG welding with the use of standard wire and shield gas coverage and self-shielded flux cored wires.
Welding is used in closed or covered, if directly exposed to weathering. The MIG 180FL cooperates with the wire spools D100 (1kg).
The machine comes with the integrated welding torch for MIG / MAG welding, the ground wire with a clamp.

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Sherman MIG 180FL IGBT welder

SKU: 781224115
£199.99 Regular Price
£189.99Sale Price
    • Catalog number: 7812241
    • Supply voltage [V]:  50Hz AC 230
    • welding methods:  MIG, MMA
    • Welding current [A]:  180
    • Duty Cycle [%]:  60
    • Max. current consumption [A]: 23
    • Max. power consumption [KVA]: 6.1
    • Adjust the welding current:  Smooth
    • Avg. Spool with wire [mm]:  100
    • Rev.. Wire feed [m / min]:  2 - 13
    • Mass [kg]:  6.5
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]:  330 x 155 x 250
    • Functions:  Gas and Gasless welding

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