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The SFT-1/TR electrode dryer is made by Sherman, the brand speaks for itself, it's quality and reliability is well known among welding specialists.


It is used for proper storage of electrodes/welding rods. Due to the lightweight construction it is recommended for less intensive use. Dryer is equipped in a thermostat that turns off the heater when it reaches appropriate temperature, and switches off a light visible on a front panel.


More technical information can be found on the right hand side

Sherman SFT-1/TR electrode oven

SKU: 002414
£139.99 Regular Price
£129.99Sale Price
  • Supply voltage [V]: AC / DC 60-110 (voltage circuit coming from a welder), 230 AC 50Hz

    Heater power [W]: 300

    Operating temperature [°C]: 50-150

    Dryer capacity [kg]: 7

    Weight [kg]: 6

    Dimensions (D x W x H) [mm]: 205 x 145 x 545

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