The Torch T-26V (with gas valve in the torch head) is a gas-cooled TIG (tungsten) welding torch. It is made of parts imported from the European Union and Asia. The connection is equipped in a plug-type connector DINSE with quick-gas and standard handle in rubber cover. To each torch set is added a toolbox of spare parts including: electrode current connector, clamping sleeve, cap and two ceramic jets.


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TIG TW-26V Torch Euro Dinse Connector

£89.99 Regular Price
£79.99Sale Price
  • Length (m): 4

    catalog number: MAW0081

    The current carrying capacity in the cycle X 35 (A) - AC: 160

    The current carrying capacity in the cycle X 35 (A) - DC: 200

    Welding rod diameter range (mm): 1.0 - 4.0 / 175

    Type of cooling: air/gas

    Flow of protective gas (l / min): 10 - 20

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